Experience Luxury at Charlotte B Closet, Catonsville’s Upscale Consignment Shop Thrift Store

Indulge in the luxury of top-notch brands without the high price tag at Charlotte B Closet. Located near Catonsville in the heart of Woodlawn, Maryland just a 10-15 min ride away, our upscale consignment shop thrift store offers an exclusive range of high-end fashion, promising authenticity, quality, and affordability.

Meet the Spirit of Charlotte B Closet

Your Gateway to Premium Fashion in Catonsville

A Legacy of Fashion and Inspiration

Enter the captivating realm of Charlotte B’s Closet, where the essences of two remarkable women converge in harmony. Lady T, deeply influenced by her late grandmother Charlotte B “Lottie” Robinson, brings to life a consignment shop that transcends eras, an homage to their mutual adoration for fashion, sophistication, and poise. Every meticulously curated piece narrates a tale, upholding the legacies of Lottie’s timeless panache and Lady T’s unwavering zeal. Embark on a journey through Charlotte B’s Closet and immerse yourself in the splendor of their shared heritage—a testimony to the potency of love, elegance, and the fulfillment of a dream.

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A Legacy of Style and Grace

Nestled in the historic section of Catonsville, Maryland, Charlotte B Closet specializes in customer service, designer clothes, bags, and shoes. 

A true fashion hub, our high-end thrift store in Catonsville is a tribute to timeless style and sophistication.

Discover Luxury at Your Doorstep

Charlotte B Closet brings the best of luxury to your doorstep. Our handpicked collection of designer apparel, shoes, jewelry, and accessories caters to the unique tastes of Catonsville’s fashion enthusiasts. We believe in making elegance accessible and redefine the joy of sustainable fashion shopping in Catonsville.

Shop Online

You can also shop online with two delivery options:

  • Local Pickup: Simply place your order online and collect your designer shoes, bags, clothes, or accessories from our store at no extra cost. This option ensures your favorite items are reserved until you arrive, preventing them from being sold to others before you get to our store.
  • Delivery within the USA: Rest assured, we’ll ship your selected products to your desired location with our flat-rate fee of just $8.99 across the United States.

Our Unmatched Selection Process

Serving Catonsville with Integrity and Commitment

Authenticity and Quality at Its Best

Our meticulous inspection and authentication process ensures that every piece at Charlotte B Closet is genuine and in pristine condition. Rest easy knowing that our high-end thrift store in Catonsville stands as a beacon of trust, providing only authentic luxury items.

Building a Trustworthy Relationship

We’re proud to be an integral part of Catonsville and Baltimore County, a community we serve with dedication and transparency. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to provide a personalized shopping experience, building a bond of trust and excellence in Catonsville’s premium consignment store.

Consigning with Charlotte B Closet

A Transparent and Rewarding Experience

Consigning with us is a breeze. From clear appointment guidelines to brand preferences, we lay out everything transparently. Whether you’re consigning designer wear or everyday chic, your journey with Charlotte B Closet, the luxury consignment boutique in Catonsville, is smooth and rewarding.

A Partnership that Respects You

We value the partnership with our consignors, offering a 50/50 split on sold items or upfront money while consigning with us. Our designer resale shop near Catonsville operates with clear guidelines and provides convenient options for unsold items. Here, respect and transparency are not just words; they are our way of doing business.

Commitment to Sustainability + Eco-friendly Shopping with a Style Quotient

Sustainability isn’t a buzzword at Charlotte B Closet; it’s a philosophy we live by. 

By choosing consignment, you contribute to a greener future without compromising on style. 

Our upscale consignment shop thrift store stands as a symbol of sustainable fashion shopping in Catonsville.

Experience the High-End Thrift Store near Catonsville

We invite you to explore a world of luxury that’s within your reach. Our friendly staff and unparalleled collection await you at Catonsville’s premier consignment store. 

Join us on this exciting journey towards affordable luxury, community engagement, and sustainability.

Our Business Mission and Vision Principles

Charlotte B Closet is here to redefine the luxury consignment experience by offering unmatched quality and service. 

Our mission to make luxury accessible aligns with our vision of responsible fashion. 

Join us from Catonsville, and experience the world of luxury with trust and confidence.

Charlotte B Closet

6324 Windsor Mill Rd, Woodlawn, MD 21207, United States

(443) 316-8684

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